• Power BI and Jupyter Notebooks are popular tools, but you may have never thought about using them together. Dennes Torres demonstrates how to do that and also asks why.… The post Embed Power BI in Jupyter Notebooks appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • Policies in Azure are like Wally. They are there, but not obvious to find, hidden in the middle of many services, waiting for someone recognize their importance. Why do we need Policies Billing The billing control in Azure has by itself many different reasons to enforce policies. You, with your single Azure subscription, may think […]
  • Log Analytics is a basic tool for the entire Azure environment, I wrote about it before. The possibility to access log analytics data from a tool for analysis, such as Power BI, only increases its importance. There are some options to make this access and we expect these options to improve very soon. Using Notebooks […]
  • Azure technologies evolve so fast sometimes we lose track of what’s happening. One day, a simple technology is created, on the next day, it becomes something huge, in a blink of an eye. I’m not even sure if my recollection of the story will be correct. The launch of the GA version of Static Web […]
  • .There are some interesting ways to transform queries from Power BI Desktop to Power BI dataflows in the portal. The UI can be a bit confusing. I made some mistakes in the middle as well. Let’s see some options to make the conversion. Leaving Blank Query Blank Create a new dataflow Select Blank Query as […]
  • Azure Monitor and Log Analytics are a very important part of Azure infrastructure. In my opinion, the adoption of these tools should start before a company starts its migration to azure. Using these tools over on premises servers can generate a performance baseline to be used when migrating the servers, ensuring the environment will be […]
  • The Malta Data Saturday is finishing. I still need to compile the numbers, but the comments and feedback are great. Let’s talk a bit about the story of this conference and I hope this story can provide it’s 2 cents to the build of our new era, at least starting many discussions about do’s and don’ts […]
  • After a young developer (or database developer) learns about normalization, the quality of his databases increases a lot, there is no doubt about that. However, sometimes we need some denormalization, even in production databases. I faced some experienced developers that, although, they would agree this should be analyzed in a case-by-case scenario, they never saw […]
  • Last Friday I appeared in the middle of a Brazilian Twitch live made by a friend and while they were talking and studying, I provided some links full of content to them. Nowadays, there are a lot of free content on internet. Not only free content, but also content well organized in a good sequence […]
  • Or: How to make magic tricks with T-SQL Starting our magic show, let’s first set the stage: Count Distinct doesn’t work with Window Partition Preparing the example In order to reach the conclusion above and solve it, let’s first build a scenario. Using Azure SQL Database, we can create a sample database called AdventureWorksLT, a […]

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