• I wrote many blogs about policies in Azure. First, I started talking about How essential Policies are. After that, I included them in a blog about Azure SQL AD Only Authentication  and finally about how to ensure Azure SQL is with Azure AD Only Authentication enabled.  Using both, policies and management groups, we can manage […]
  • MFA and conditional access policies are powerful tools for our cloud security, but they are full of tricks. I don’t pretend to cover the basics here. You know you can create conditional access policies to request MFA authentication from the users. You also know the fact the default configuration (which you should avoid) will request […]
  • A silly mistake, a site recovery error and a troubleshooting case study, let’s check how it happened. I was demonstrating Site Recovery in a training. Site recovery is a slow task, so I make the demonstration among other explanations, put the demonstration in the middle of other subjects. This also doesn’t leave much room to […]
  • Microsoft has made it possible to integrate Azure Active Directory with Virtual Machines. In this post, Dennes Torres walks you through the steps to set it up. … The post Linking a Virtual Machine with Azure Active Directory appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • Some time ago I wrote a blog about the just released feature to allow only Azure Authentication in Azure SQL Databases.   On that blog, I explained not only about the feature, but how to use Azure Policies, a great feature for governance, to control which Azure SQL are correctly configured and which is not, […]
  • I need to confess: I’m proud of the article Query Store and Parameterization Problems I wrote. Today it’s no news at all (although some people may not know the details about plan guides I included in the article) but I wrote it in 2017, based on SQL Server 2016, when the idea of identifying parameter sniffing […]
  • Dynamic data mask is a very interesting security feature allowing us to mask critical fields such as e-mail, phone number, credit card and so on. We can decide what users will be able to see the value of these features or not. This feature faced many flaws when it was released, but I believe it’s […]
  • Saying that I’m from the time of the MDAC would be to break the main rule of never reveal our age. However, who really remembers Microsoft Data Access Components – MDAC – today ? Microsoft had ODBC and it was good. Out of the blue came Borland with a thing called BDE that was way […]
  • Many years ago, in the company I was working for, one junior DBA started a reindex operation in a SQL Server Standard Edition on the most busy day of the month. Do I need to explain what happened next? It’s easy to use the imagination on this one. What’s the option to solve this? Online […]
  • When we include a data source inside a data flow it always requests a dataset. The dataset, in turn, requires you to point to a table. A dataset can’t be defined over a query, it needs an object on the linked service, which may be a table or view as you may notice on the […]

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