• Dynamic data mask is a very interesting security feature allowing us to mask critical fields such as e-mail, phone number, credit card and so on. We can decide what users will be able to see the value of these features or not. This feature faced many flaws when it was released, but I believe it’s […]
  • Saying that I’m from the time of the MDAC would be to break the main rule of never reveal our age. However, who really remembers Microsoft Data Access Components – MDAC – today ? Microsoft had ODBC and it was good. Out of the blue came Borland with a thing called BDE that was way […]
  • Many years ago, in the company I was working for, one junior DBA started a reindex operation in a SQL Server Standard Edition on the most busy day of the month. Do I need to explain what happened next? It’s easy to use the imagination on this one. What’s the option to solve this? Online […]
  • When we include a data source inside a data flow it always requests a dataset. The dataset, in turn, requires you to point to a table. A dataset can’t be defined over a query, it needs an object on the linked service, which may be a table or view as you may notice on the […]
  • Azure is part of the Microsoft Global Network. Applications in the Azure environment can receive access from the entire world. This world-wide access creates a dilemma about the routing to the Azure services. We face two options: routing through Microsoft Global Network or through public internet. Initially only the Storage Accounts had a direct configuration […]
  • It’s possible to query blob storage using SQL, but what about performance? In this article, Dennes Torres compares several query methods to see which one performs the best.… The post Performance of querying blob storage with SQL appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • Resource groups and subscriptions sometimes are not enough to organize the content of our Azure Portal. I was preparing for a presentation and looking into a lot of resource groups, but during the presentation only a few of them should appear for me. How could I control this? The need is the mother of the […]
  • Recently a new feature appeared in Azure Portal, an ARM Template Visualizer, capable to show a graphic view of the resources inside an ARM template. The feature appears as a new button in screens where we are editing or downloading templates. These are some of the screens where you will see the new button: When […]
  • Infrastructure as code is evolving in large steps to improve the way we build and manage cloud infrastructure. ARM templates is the Azure way to code the infrastructure, besides the fact it’s evolving towards BICEP. Since January, a new feature to manage ARM templates is being tested and made available in Azure Portal: ARM Template […]
  • 1 – Azure Hybrid Benefit Azure services related to servers and direct infrastructure reservation require software licenses, such as Windows Server and SQL Server. Microsoft offers what’s called Hybrid Benefit. When the software license is required, the service provisioning process asks if you would like to use the hybrid benefit. If you already have on […]

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