•  The Auto-Shutdown policy is another important policy to ensure our virtual machines don’t expend more than what we planned for them. If we have a time window to use the virtual machines, the auto-shutdown policy can deactivate them at the right time. We need to discover the deep internal details about the auto-shutdown configuration before […]
  • There are many new features in SQL Server 2022. In relation to T-SQL querying, there are a few as well and they usually are left for last in face of many other new optimization features. Sample scenario These samples are built on the AdventureWorksDW2019 database installed in a SQL Server 2022 CTP 2. Date_Bucket Let’s […]
  • I wrote before about enforcing Azure SQL AD Authentication using Azure Policies in two different ways. First, only auditing if the Azure SQL is using AD Authentication or not. Later, automatically enabling the AD Authentication on Azure SQL Servers where this authentication is not enabled. What about if we could create one single policy definition […]
  • During Build 2022, Microsoft announced a new feature, Datamarts for Power BI. MVP Dennes Torres explains this new feature and provides and example. … The post Datamarts and exploratory analysis using Power BI appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • Microsoft announced Azure Synapse Link for SQL. In this article, MVP Dennes Torres explains the new feature.… The post Azure Synapse Link for SQL: From production to a data warehouse in a few clicks appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • In Power BI, when importing data with Power Query, one basic performance concept is the use of native queries. The transformations will perform better if they can be converted to a native query, especially a single native query for all transformations. However, this is just a starting point for the optimizations. Sometimes, native queries for […]
  • I wrote before about Automating table Refresh in Power BI. On that article I explained how to schedule a refresh script using the Azure Automation Account. We can improve the automation process even more. If we create a parameterized Powershell script and publish it to github, the script becomes available in the Automation Account gallery. […]
  • On the article Automating table refresh in Power BI I explained many methods to automate refresh of individual objects, which could be tables or partitions. This creates the need of good ways to visualize the last refresh date and time for each partition and table. The portal shows the refresh date/time for the entire dataset, […]
  • You can automate Power BI table refreshes using PowerShell, an Automation Account, and Runbook. Dennes Torres explains how in this article.… The post How to automate table level refresh in Power BI appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • Blueprints are (or should be) an important feature for Azure Cloud provisioning. Probably you already know about ARM templates. We can say they are the basic notation for deployment in Azure. But what happens when we need to deploy multiple items at once? Here are some options: Build everything in a single ARM template, what […]

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