• Visual Studio Code appeared years ago as a light option to the full Visual Studio Environment. Being light, there are some features that we don’t have or at least took some time to appear. C# XML Comments is one of them. If a code needs to be full of comments, it’s possible the code is […]
  • Extended Events is a very important feature to monitor Azure SQL. Recently I faced a very interesting behavior of this feature in relation to the use of the slash (“/”). URL’s use the “/” on it. However, the “/” has different meanings depending on where in the URL it appears. Create a credential for authentication […]
  • Azure Cost Management is in constant evolution to help manage the cost of services in the cloud. Microsoft provides the Azure Cost Management Power BI App to manage cloud costs, but this app only works with Enterprise Agreement accounts. This was a considerable limitation, since many companies use the cloud using Customer Agreement instead of […]
  • How to make conditional decisions in a package It may seems strange the lack of a decision task for the control flow. However, there is a work around to allow us achieve the same effect we would have with a “decision task”. The precedence control between tasks can be based on an expression. Building the […]
  • Entity Framework had objects called conventions. These objects can be used to make configurations on the entity framework context to change its default behavior. Two examples of behaviors we usually configure are the pluralize behavior for object names and delete cascade for foreign keys. Entity Framework Core, on the other hand, doesn’t have conventions. How […]
  • In the previous blog, I illustrated how to create sub-queries in Kusto. However, sometimes we may face even more complex situations and we may need to create not only a sub-query, but a function. Another way to think about a function inside a Kusto query is like a parameterized sub-query. Let’s review the query from […]
  • In the same way as other query environments, Kusto queries in Log Anaytics can become complex. We need similar features in Kusto as we have in SQL Queries and one of these features is sub-queries. The Problem On the example below I’m building a query over my blog’s Log Analytics Data to identify the amount […]
  • I’m working on some personal .NET Core projects and I faced some strange errors. Ok, I’m too fresh on .NET Core and I expected this. What I was not expecting is to find problems with .NET Core folder structure no one would be able to correctly identify and in the end discover what I imagine […]
  • You need to dig into old blogs I wrote before to fully understand how interesting this new extension is. On Saving Money with Log Analytics I mentioned how important log analytics is for azure clouds. This deserves more in depth analysis, which probably will be broken down in blog articles. On Connecting to Log Analytics using […]
  • Azure storage can be marked Private to control access. Dennes Torres explains how to query private blob storage with SQL and Azure Synapse.… The post How to query private blob storage with SQL and Azure Synapse appeared first on Simple Talk.

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