• Microsoft announced Azure Synapse Link for SQL. In this article, MVP Dennes Torres explains the new feature.… The post Azure Synapse Link for SQL: From production to a data warehouse in a few clicks appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • In Power BI, when importing data with Power Query, one basic performance concept is the use of native queries. The transformations will perform better if they can be converted to a native query, especially a single native query for all transformations. However, this is just a starting point for the optimizations. Sometimes, native queries for […]
  • I wrote before about Automating table Refresh in Power BI. On that article I explained how to schedule a refresh script using the Azure Automation Account. We can improve the automation process even more. If we create a parameterized Powershell script and publish it to github, the script becomes available in the Automation Account gallery. […]
  • On the article Automating table refresh in Power BI I explained many methods to automate refresh of individual objects, which could be tables or partitions. This creates the need of good ways to visualize the last refresh date and time for each partition and table. The portal shows the refresh date/time for the entire dataset, […]
  • You can automate Power BI table refreshes using PowerShell, an Automation Account, and Runbook. Dennes Torres explains how in this article.… The post How to automate table level refresh in Power BI appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • Blueprints are (or should be) an important feature for Azure Cloud provisioning. Probably you already know about ARM templates. We can say they are the basic notation for deployment in Azure. But what happens when we need to deploy multiple items at once? Here are some options: Build everything in a single ARM template, what […]
  • Need to migrate your Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 before Microsoft retires the service? This post from Dennes Torres explains how to automate the migration.… The post Migrate all your Azure Storage Gen 1 to Gen 2 appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • Azure Cloudshell uses PowerShell 7.2.1. However, Powershell 7.2.2 is already available and we have also a PowerShell version 7.3.0 in preview. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could update the powershell version in cloudshell, instead of waiting for Microsoft? This would allow you to run scripts using the new features of the updated versions. Before […]
  • Mapping an Azure Storage Account file share on a local machine is a powerful feature. In this post, Dennes Torres explains how to do it and what to watch out for.… The post Azure Storage: Mapping File Shares and Powershell drives appeared first on Simple Talk.
  • *Update at the end Azure Storage Policies are around for some time already, but they manage to stay unnoticed. This feature is very powerful and few people know about it. Probably you already know about Storage Keys and Shared Access Security. It’s important to highlight one limitation: Once we generate a SAS key, we can’t […]

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